Slugfest Games - The Red Dragon Inn 4

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The Red Dragon Inn 4 introduces four new adventurers, the officers of the Crimson Drake. The Red Dragon Inn 4 also includes The Sea Event Dec, a new deck that gives you the option to play The Red Dragon Inn at sea!

The Red Dragon Inn 4 may be played alone or combined with other versions of The Red Dragon Inn to allow games with more than 4 players!

Four 40 card Character Decks (Captain Whitehawk, First mate Remy, Bryn the Boatswain, Tara the Navigator)
One 30 card Drink Deck
One 20 card Sea Events Deck
12 Remy's Mark Tokens
7 Sea Event Tokens
50 Gold Coin Tokens
4 player mats
4 Alcohol Content Markers
4 Fortitude Markers